T-STORY Storytelling Applied to Training  
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Partnership meetings - are valuable opportunities for exercise projects management for the fullest extend- planning, organizing, controlling and leading. They are also important from a team dynamics point of view, as it allows for face-to-face contact. There will be held 5 meetings in total.

The meetings are planned to coincide with particular activities or demanding moments in the project, for better coordination of work and cost efficiency. Project Manager is responsible for proposing the agenda, which will be agreed up on by all partners. They should participate as needed, by presenting/ reporting on concluded, ongoing or foreseen activities. 

  • 1st partnership meeting in Porto - 29-30.11.2012

Meeting summary

  • 2nd partnership meeting in Timisoara - 16-17.05.2013

Meeting summary

  • 3rd partnership meeting in Lodz - 17-18.10.2013

Meeting summary

  • 4th partnership meeting in Baveno - 10-11.03.2014

Meeting summary

  • 5th partnership meeting in Zaragoza - 15-16.10.2014

Meeting summary

Survey - The purpose of this WP is to develop a need analysis of educators/teachers/trainers regarding storytelling and digital storytelling skills, which will constitute the basis for the following activities in the project.

The analysis will be carried out through a structured methodology, including an online questionnaire and case studies. The Survey Report, will present the key conclusions of the survey carried out, identifying the skills and knowledge that are most important to develop among educators/teachers/trainers, as well as, describing the methodology and the best practices found on storytelling projects already implemented.

Learning Handbook – It will include the learning contents to integrate the course “T-Story – Storytelling applied to training” to support the development of skills of educators/teachers/trainers. The Learning Handbook will comprise theoretical background on storytelling, technical information and support to the development of digital contents.

National Seminars - National seminars will be organized in all partner countries, in order to maximize the project impact next to target groups and to involve them in the test and validation phase.

The 1st edition of the seminars will cover the following topics:

  • Project overview: objectives, achievements, activities and outcomes
  • Project research results
  • Project next steps – Test and Validation: description of next steps to get the involvement of target groups

The 2nd edition of the seminars will cover the following topics:

  • Project overview: objectives, achievements, activities and research outcomes
  • Presentation of the Digital Course

Training sessions - will be conducted in June 2014 by all partners. Their main aim will be to practice and evaluate the digital course prepared during the whole project. The national working groups will be able to work on and define together the strategy to transfer the selected successful educational practices to their countries and to characterize all possible difficulties.

Final conference - planned for October 2014. The main goal is to present and define successful way of transferring the results/outcomes of the project to target groups that can adopt or apply them. To present the final version of digital course prepared by all partners.


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