T-STORY Storytelling Applied to Training  
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The overall aim of T-Story is clear: to promote a wider use of the Storytelling and Digital Storytelling in education and training at all levels throughout Europe by developing a digital course for educators, teachers and trainers.

The immediate objectives of the project are:

  • To involve European teachers/trainers/educators in a survey to identify their training needs regarding key digital storytelling competences and ICT skills;
  • To identify good practices from successful storytelling educational projects, especially those supported in Digital Storytelling;
  • To elaborate a Learning Handbook to support trainers delivering training through storytelling;
  • To promote, in 7 countries, 7 Pilot Training Sessions in order to generate feedback and fine-tune the training materials developed;
  • To perform several valorisation actions to maximize the impact of the project activities and the outcomes among the target groups, improving the sustainability of the final products and results.

As a result of the project we expect:

  • Teachers/educators/trainers needs (regarding key digital storytelling competences and ICT skills) will be mapped and disseminated at national and European level;
  • The target groups will be able to empower their skills to create and develop innovative courses using storytelling and digital support by having at their disposal learning materials focused on the specificities of these tools;
  • The format in which the course will be available (digital course) will contribute for an easier and wider dissemination and future exploitation of the results, enhancing a culture of lifelong learning;
  • The adoption of innovative learners centered methodologies in education/training can contribute for the development of key transversal competences such as critical thinking, creativity and innovation;
  • The adoption of ICT in education can empower (directly the target groups and indirectly their students / trainees) the digital skills development and foster digital inclusion;
  • Addressing the needs of the learners/trainees through personalization, collaboration and informal learning will increase their motivation, strengthen their links to training and education institutions and increase their investment in lifelong learning;
  • The valorisation activities foreseen by the consortium will allow for a wider awareness of the methodology and will foster new applications in professional contexts outside education.
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