T-STORY Storytelling Applied to Training  
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T-Story gathers the expertise of High Education Institutions (HEI), research organizations and consultancy companies to achieve innovative results. The partnership is comprised of 7 partners:

Fondazione ISTUDIREA - Romanian Institute for Adult Education
Advancis – Business ServicesIn Dialogue (The Netherlands)
Akademia Humanistyczno-Ekonomiczna W Łodzi (Poland)Fase.net - Formación y asesores en formación y empleo (Spain)
Early Childhood Education Department / Faculty of Pedagogical Studies, University of Western Macedonia (Ellas)

The project has also the support of associated partners:

  • IPT - Institute of Creative Activity (Poland)
  • 2nd Experimental Primary School Of Florina (Ellas)
  • 31st Primary School Of Thessaloniki (Ellas)
  • 43rd Primary School Of Thessaloniki (Ellas)
  • Experimental Primary School Of The Aristotle University Of Thessaloniki (Ellas)
  • 11th Highschool Of Thessaloniki Directorate Of Primary (Ellas)
  • Education, Florina Prefecture (Ellas)
  • Directorate Of Secondary Education Florina Prefecture (Ellas)
  • Directorate Of Primary Education, Thessaloniki Prefecture (Ellas)
  • GALE, Global alliance for LGBT education (The Netherlands)
  • RFSL (Sweden)
  • Tavistock and Portman Centre (United Kindgom)
Advancis – Business Services
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