T-STORY Storytelling Applied to Training  
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Target Groups

Target Groups

T-Story project is about creating materials associated with innovative teaching methodology so the main target groups are connected with education: teachers, educators and trainers. These people can be found in all institutions of formal and informal education of any level, for example:

  • Kindergartens
  • Public / private primary and secondary schools
  • Vocational schools
  • Universities
  • Adult education entities
  • Education policy makers
  • Education authorities institutions
  • Training and coaching agencies
  • Business centers
  • HR development departments in corporations

To stress the European level of the project, target groups also contain European and national networks gathering people working in education areas:

  • Networks of teachers/educators/trainers
  • Storytelling communities
  • Schools’ networks
  • Networks of HR managers

The target groups will have the opportunity to learn and train how to implement the technique and how to engage students/trainees taking advantage of the digital potential.

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